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The story of TLC Medical Center started in a duck blind. On a cold wet day in November of 2007, while on a duck hunting excursion in El Campo, Texas, Dr. Daniel Wagner revealed his idea to fellow hunting partner, Dr. Brian Rich. Working as a staff Emergency Department physician at the time, Dr. Wagner was unsatisfied with the inefficient, impersonal state of hospital based Emergency Medicine. He envisioned bringing his skill in Emergency Medicine to an outpatient setting. He wanted to use emergency trained personnel to create an outpatient urgent care clinic that was well staffed, well trained, very efficient with an emphasis on “customer service.” He was convinced that 80% of what a hospital Emergency Department could do could be done in his clinic only faster, cheaper and kinder. At the time, this was not being done in Corpus Christi, Texas. The two discussed it briefly but at the time, it was only a dream. Borrowing on his strong Christian faith, Dr. Wagner set the plan in motion. He met with bankers, realtors and healthcare professionals to find a location and break ground on a clinic.

In early 2010, while on yet another duck hunting excursion, the two physicians began to discuss the urgent care again. This time Dr. Wagner gave Dr. Rich an ultimatum: “I need to know by the end of this hunt if you want to do this with me or not?” Dr. Rich thought about it briefly, then with a handshake in the duck blind said, “I’m in!”

The next 12 months were busy. Meeting weekly on days off from the Emergency Department, they began to put the clinic together one task at a time. From supplies to decor, the clinic slowly began to take shape. The two physicians were in need of leadership. So far, prospects for a manager would not fit. In November of 2010 they met their future manager, Sandy Barber, from Long Island, New York. She had spent her career in medicine. She had built clinics, staffed clinics and managed them. With 3 months left until the grand opening, Sandy single handedly staffed, arranged and outfitted the clinic to make its January 4th opening day on time. Dr. Wagner’s dream of The Lord’s Clinic Medical Center had come true.

Today, the same 3 people still operate TLC Medical Center. They love to meet weekly to discuss ways to improve the clinic and create a better patient experience. They start with customer service because that’s what’s broken in medicine today. All 3 believe the patient experience is sacred. The visit should be kind, sympathetic, professional and very respectful of the patient’s time. The clinic should be well staffed. Follow ups and referrals should be established and timely. The care should be exceptional and the clinic should be clean. These principals have always been the foundation of TLC Medical Center and they always will be. If you need an urgent care clinic or a family practice clinic, look no further than TLC Medical Center. We love what we do and we would love to take care of you and your family!! If you want to just stop by and talk duck hunting, that would be fine too!!